[COMING OUT MAY 1ST] PixelBuddy – The most advanced pixel-only bot.


This bot will be purchasable on May 1st.

In the meantime, you can access it with a Trinity license key. Check our discord for more infos.

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PixelBuddy – 100% Pixel based, Background WoW bot

Completely external to the WoW Process – No unlocker needed, no Injection/Memory reading.

What’s a “pixel” bot ?

A pixel bot is an “external” bot : It relies on what it sees on your screen rather than looking at the memory / wow process.
It presses keys on your keyboard to make your character move, rather than injecting these instructions directly to the game process.

For the bot to be able to read data from your screen, we provide a custom weakaura that displays numerous colors in the top left corner of your game.

What the bot “looks at”


Is it safe ? Can i get banned ?

As pixel bots are “external” to the game itself, they are generally consiedered safer than injection/LUA unlocker bots.
However, it doesn’t mean that it’s undetectable. There are plenty of ways you can still get detected through game behavior analysis : Amount of play time, playstyle analysis, in-game activity…

So yeah, you can get banned. Be aware of this.
The best way to apprehend bans is to aknowledge this :
– As soon as you press start, you agree that you put your account at risk and will get banned for this, maybe in 3 months, or 3 years, or tomorrow, or never…. –
> Only bot on accounts that you agree to lose. <

Is it plug & play ? Easy to use ?
We’ve made the best efforts to make the bot setup&usage as easy as possible. But we certainly can’t replace the user’s IQ level :o)

Being a pixel-based bot alone means that the bot is NOT plug’n’play. The bot relies on addons to do its magic work (Weakaura, Gathermate2, Hekili…). You MUST have a solid knowledge of the game mechanics before starting this journey with us 🙂

It’s fairly easy to setup and start the bot, but optimizing it the best way possible for your specific use takes time and investment on your end. Our documentation forum in our Discord is plenty of videos&tips for you to take a look, in order to speed up this process.


– A brain and the ability to read and understand words displayed on a screen.
– Any decent Win10/Win11 PC capable of running the game smoothly (35+ fps STABLE), no potato PC.
– Decent GPU (< 10 years, with official drivers, no homebrew bloated shady & shitty drivers please !)
– Decent latency (300 ms MAX)
– WoW Game langage : English
– Official WoW Only – Private servers ARE NOT SUPPORTED.



Mesh navigation & multi-level profile system
– All flavors supported : Vanilla (Hardcore, SoD…) / Classic / Live
– Easy “1,2,3” setup wizard
– Online Shop for Profiles & Rotations ( all free )
– Automatic keybind management – Does not mess with your keybind setup.
– Per-Class automatic management (Auto Feed pet / Auto ammo…)
– Multi-Graveyard, Multi-vendors & Multi-Mailbox supported.
– Multi-settings management – Save multiple bot configurations for your different accounts / use cases
– Customizable combat rotation
… and more !


The bot is divided into roles so that you only have to buy the role you need :

GRIND – Kill mobs over and over to gain XP, levels, leather & more !
GATHER – Collect ressources such as Mining Ore & Herbs
HEKILI – Let the bot do your DPS rotation while you play !
SCRIPTER – Automate WoW tasks (Auctionning, taxi…)
FISH – I don’t think you need a description for this one 🙂
FISH (BASIC) – Fish with limited features (Addonless – Use Mouse to click, no background mode, no bag detection/vendor)

Bot Limits :

– Apart for the Hekili role, the bot does not work in Dungeons/Battlegrounds/Raids…
– Private servers are not supported.
– No questing Role available

Anti-Virus notice

The bot and its launcher may require to be added to your AV’s whitelist. Because of it’s nature (Looking at the screen, sending keystrokes) the bot can be falsely considered as suspicious.
All our products are 100% harmless to your computer and doesn’t even need administrator privileges to work.

How to install / use it ?

Click here to join our Discord and see all tutorials & videos.

Additional information

Demo Key ?

No, Yes


All roles, Fish, Fish (Basic), Grind, Gather, Fish & Scripter, Rotation (Hekili), Scripter


30 days, 48h, Lifetime

Sessions number

1, 2, 3, 4, 5


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