Questions before buying

Is it safe ? Can I get ban for using this ?

You have to know that, by definition, botting is not a safe activity : no bots are 100% safe.

In 2 words, if you bot responsibly, you shouldn’t have any problems. It all relies on 2 factors :

The technical factor : If you chose a bot that injects instructions in the game’s process, it could be detected. In our case, the bot just look at your screen, at your cursor, and clicks depending on what he see’s on the screen. He doesn’t injects anything in the wow.exe process. Each .exe names are also randomly generated, to avoid to have “FishBot.exe” in your running processes, as blizzard can see running processes on your computer.

The human factor : In two words : Bot safely ! Don’t run the bot for extended periods of time (I personnaly run it for 2/3 hours each session for ~1k to 2k fish on retail). Chose areas with low or no passing players nearby, check the randomize delay option, use the “Breaktime” feature, a break of 20 every hour for exemple.

If you abuse, run the bot for 12hours straight with no breaks, no loot delay, and get a suspension/ban, you’re the only one to blame !

Can i use the computer while botting ?

The bot sends keystrokes and move your mouse in order to move. You can still use your computer but you are relatively limited. (You can watch a movie for exemple …). To fix this, you can use Virtual machines to run WoW and the bot, this way you can do whatever you want on your main computer. (Click here for more info)

Is the license key tied to my computer ID / IP Adress / Location ?

The license key you get from the shop are not tied to anything, you can use them from anywhere you want, anywhen you want. But keep in mind that 1 key = 1 bot running. If you run 2 bots with the same key, the first bot session will stop itself.

Can i use it on multiple computers ?

If your license key provides you 1 session, you can only use the bot on one character at a time. If your license key provides you 3 sessions, you can use it on 3 characters at a time.
To learn more about using multiple instances on the same computer, click here

I’m encountering problems with your product, how can i get support ?

You can get support by opening a ticket or send a message on our discord to the admin (Pixel). We’ll get back to you as soon as possible !

I’m not satisfied with the product, can i get a refund ?

We propose a trial versions of the program, that you can get to test the software without limitations. Because of that, we don’t propose refund solutions.