Lightweight. elegant. efficient.

Our products are designed to be lightweight, with no bulky installation or setup. We keep it simple ! Download - Configure - Profit !

Stable. Autonomous. Safe.

We develop our products to be the most autonomous, stable and safe as possible with what we can do with pixel scans. No injection or memory writing. Just screen analysis and cursor monitoring. Security options : Randomized delay between actions, Stop timer, anti-stuck detection, smartphone monitoring...

Classic / Retail / WOTLK Compatible

Because it's pixel based and not memory/LUA based, our bots works on every official version of the game. Plus, if the game gets a patch, there will be no downtime.


Use the bot and your computer at the same time, or run multiple bots on the same computer, using our unique multi-session tool.

Saves You Time

Run it & forget it. No more countless hours of farming leather, fish, components or leveling !

Get a test license !

Interested ? Learn more in the shop and get a trial license key !

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