LazyMount – Rare Spawn Sniping Bot

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LazyMount – Rare Spawn sniping bot

Pixel Based – No injection, just screen reading and pressing keys.


– Compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and 11. Works best on Windows 7 or 10/11

– LazyMount and it’s launcher can require a whitelist action from your Anti-Virus. Because of it’s nature (Pressing keys on the keyboard, moving the mouse, looking at the screen…), it can be considered, falsely, as a virus. LazyMount and other products are 100% harmless to your computer and doesn’t even need administrator privileges to work.



Retail / Classic & TBCC compatible.

Scan endlessly for a specific rare mob that you seek. (Time-lost Proto drake…)

Kills and loot if target detected

No external addons required

1 click config button that does all the initial setup for you

Receive smartphone notifications when the rare mob is detected !

How to use it ?


Download Instructions :

Once you ordered, you’ll be prompted to download a .zip, once it’s done :
– Extract the PixelWoWBot folder on your desktop or anywhere else.
– Run the LazyMount_Launcher.exe. The launcher will download the latest version of the bot and run it.
– You must always use the launcher to run the bot. This way you’ll download a randomized .exe each time you run the bot + be sure to have the latest update.
– You can make a shortcut on your desktop of this launcher for more convenience.
– That’s it !

2 reviews for LazyMount – Rare Spawn Sniping Bot

  1. Méhész-Balázs (verified owner)

    WoW Retail “private” perfect grinder bot.

  2. acep surya


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