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(Reminder : 1 session = 1 bot running on 1 game.)



– Compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.

– WoW Game langage : Works on any game langage.

– Minimal resolution of the window : 1024×768

– Kargo and it’s launcher can require a whitelist action from your Anti-Virus. Because of it’s nature (Pressing keys on the keyboard, moving the mouse, looking at the screen…), it can be considered, falsely, as a virus. Kargo and other products are 100% harmless to your computer and doesn’t even need administrator privileges to work.



– Works on Retail, Classic & WOTLK.

– Lightweight (>1MB), no need to install anything, just run the launcher and you’re good to go !

– Luring, custom bobber supported

– Auto-stop Timer

– Easy to configure. 1 click config wizard that auto-configs the game and the bot to be ready to use.

– Auto-vendor using Mammoth or Yak (external addon such as “Dejunk” is needed to auto-sell what fishes you don’t want to the vendor.)

– Customizable keybinds.

– Waterwalk supported, fish on the edge of the world where nobody can see you 🙂

– Hearthstone on stop & Shutdown computer on stop


How to use it ?

Click here to join our Discord and see all tutorials & videos.


Download Instructions :

Once you ordered, you’ll be prompted to download a .zip, once it’s done :
– Extract the PixelWoWBot folder on your desktop or anywhere else.
– Run the Kargo Launcher.exe. The launcher will download the latest version of the bot and run it.
– You must always use the launcher to run the bot. This way you’ll download a randomized .exe each time you run the bot + be sure to have the latest update.
– You can make a shortcut on your desktop of this launcher for more convenience.
– That’s it !

Additional information


Test License 24h, 30 Days – 1 Session, 90 Days – 1 Session

77 reviews for Kargo – Basic Fishing Bot

  1. Damien (verified owner)

    Awesome software and great customer service. I had a small issue with the software and within an hour an update was made on the whole software to solve my problem. 🙂

  2. Verified Buyer (verified owner)

    Well, it works for long, long hours. 5*

  3. Verified Buyer (verified owner)

    Real review, from Italy. What to Say? Perfect. Pixel based. So NO ONE can recognize you are a “bot”. Simple to organize a macro or two Just to appear more “human” and that’s done. The most of pixel based do a lot of false catch. This one in good condition, Is Just 100% catch. Pure magic 💖

  4. naiko (verified owner)

    In my opinion the best fishing bot ordered the second license and would definitly buy more:) if you have issuses with the bot u can go on discord and u get very fast help from the admin.
    5 Stars ♡

  5. naiko emmel

    This Kargo Fishbot is amazing – An Accuracy with 99,5% on 25k Fishing Trys. Absolute purchase recommendation
    5 Stars!

  6. Daniel (verified owner)

    I think this is my 8th or 9th order of this license. It’s easy to use. Reliable and very user friendly.

  7. Sean (verified owner)

    MUCH easier to setup and use than other products that do the same thing. Would recommend.

  8. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Works as advertised 🙂

  9. Anonymous (verified owner)


  10. Andre (verified owner)

    Works as it should! Great tool! Have brought it several times so far. I recommended even to friends.

  11. Pavel (verified owner)

    All the functions I need performs perfectly, without errors.

  12. Jesper (verified owner)

    Works perfect easy to setup and just runs clean

  13. Raoni Queiroz (verified owner)

    This bot works just fine, took like 2 minutes to configure, really easy to use. I hope its safe hehe

  14. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great bot

  15. Dmitry S. (verified owner)

    Great and stable. Highly recommend!

  16. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very easy to use

  17. Anonymous (verified owner)

    i have used my trial key and loved the bot 🙂 <3 <3 <3

  18. Sukma Nugraha Prasetya (verified owner)

    best ever fishing bot i ever use

  19. Sukma Nugraha Prasetya

    The best ever auto fishing i ever met. U can play another game / account while your fishing bot is on multi with RDP that pixelwowbot already provide it in the pack. One the most prefect fishing bot. And also the customer support is amazing. He respond so fast and also he can do the teamviewer if you have a problem with your computer. THE BEST EVA !!!

  20. milad d39 (verified owner)

    its very good

  21. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Site has been down for 3+ days.

  22. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Best fishbot in the business.

  23. Anonymous (verified owner)

    It would be awesome if it can add support for ice fishing. Don’t mind partial manual on breaking ice… but for that 5 to 10 mins… it would be awesome if app can use mouse-click to cast instead. Keep up the great work!

  24. Marko (verified owner)

    Hello, I get a email from this site I used this bot little time for trial, I can say that it is very Easy to use – for begginers and you can earn really good stuff (golds) and what is pretty good you can sell the golds to people for real money! I like this bit and I see to close future I buy it 🙂

  25. Marcin (verified owner)

    good bot

  26. Anonymous (verified owner)

    It works fine! Easy to set up and go

  27. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Easy and safe to use!

  28. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Was hesitant to finally get into trying out a bot but decided to finally give it a go after watching some reviews decided on pixels’s bot. It is easy as can be to set up and works, consistently not sure what else needs to be said.

    The entire process from watching how it works to buying to using was very painless, just as someone would hope it would be and it was.

    Zero complaints.

  29. mohamamd reza saboor (verified owner)

    it was good but cant use pc at that moment

    • PixelWoWBot – Admin (store manager)

      Hi !

      You should check out our multi-session video tutorial on our discord 😉

  30. Yannis Kalas (verified owner)

    I’ve used many Fish bots over the years but most if not all of them were janky. I had to resize windows because they only worked in windowed mode, I had to clear my action bars then test, and adjust then test. I basically had to spend a while setting the thing up and cross my fingers that it would work. I was pleasantly surprised to see that this bot does it all for you with 1 click.

    During the botting session it finds the cursor every time and it clicks it, every time. I think I’ve finally found my forever bot! Thanks guys!

  31. jeff (verified owner)

    This bot always does what I need!

  32. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great product!

  33. bruger alexis (verified owner)

    Le bot est vraiment bien, le bot minerai est moins intéressant il bug beaucoup

  34. Anonymous (verified owner)

    an excellent, fairly reliable program. Sometimes it works from the fishing line

  35. jeremy (verified owner)

    au top 🙂

  36. ed dy (verified owner)

    Very nice bot ! Been making loads of golds since I got it

  37. alain strens (verified owner)

    very fast end easy

  38. Pablo P. (verified owner)

    Works great, easily leveled to 375 in Classic, no issues with curious GMs whatsoever 😀

  39. qazimo1988 (verified owner)

    I am very pleased with the work of the bot. It works perfectly and bans do not come.

  40. Anonymous (verified owner)

    A very simple and easy to use bot along with the rest of the programs they have on this website. Personally I prefer using the bot farmer one in regards to making some decent gold. I haven’t felt confident enough to use the herb/mining/skinning bot which they offer as well in their programs and packages.

    The fact that all you have to do is keep track of the account(s) that you use for farming a few times a hour to ensure you look legitimate and such frees up a ton of time throughout the course of the day.

  41. stavaroz (verified owner)

    very good bot!. and easy to understand i have try many but this was very good, and good guide!. try it out thanks from sweden 😀

  42. Bill

    Does this work on classic?

    • PixelWoWBot – Admin (store manager)

      Yes 🙂

  43. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Really useful.

  44. Antony P. (verified owner)

    Great bot, works flawlessly and undetected. Would recommend.

  45. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great bot, efficient, undetected, would recommend. Best one I’ve used.

  46. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very reliable and super easy to set up

  47. Louis (verified owner)

    Excellent fishing bot at an excellent price.

  48. Christopher E. (verified owner)

    Works great! Very simple to setup and easy to manage remotely.

  49. Andrii Melnik (verified owner)

    your program surprised)) works great, easy to use!

  50. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Superb! Best finishing bot out there!

  51. Ivan F. (verified owner)


  52. Daniel H. (verified owner)

    I’m a returning customer and I think my returning speaks for itself. Extremely easy to set up and works flawlessly. Not the last time I’m buying from here.

  53. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I got it working will try more before i purchase the license

  54. Robin (verified owner)

    Works as intended

  55. Anonymous (verified owner)


  56. Anonymous (verified owner)

    really liked your product

  57. Anonymous (verified owner)

    try it out it wont bann you 😉

  58. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Works great

  59. Rafael Parra (verified owner)

    Very good

  60. Rafael Parra (verified owner)

    very good

  61. Anonymous (verified owner)


  62. alex (verified owner)

    bloody excellent

  63. Alexander N. (verified owner)

    amazing fishing bot. already advertised it to my friends and still no bans for a month of non stop work 10 bots 24/7

    • PixelWoWBot – Admin (store manager)

      Hello !

      Thanks for your review ! I would just recommend you to not use the bot 24/7 though :p

  64. Dmitriy Kurzantsev (verified owner)

    Great bot very convenient and simple. Works flawlessly. I recommend.

  65. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Absolutely fantastic, will use for a long time

  66. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Fantastic product, will have no issues continuing to support.

  67. Anonymous (verified owner)

    It did not work while fishing, it gave me errors every time, it didn’t loot when a fish was hooked, when it looted it was too slow , maybe it was my settings, but I don’t recommend this

    • PixelWoWBot – Admin (store manager)

      Hello !

      If you had trouble with the bot, why didn’t you asked for some support through the ticket system or on discord ? 🙂

      Kind regards,

  68. Logan (verified owner)

    A++ Fishing bot, very easy to setup and configure, and working like a charm since running it!

    Would recommend to anyone.

  69. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Works most of the time.

    • PixelWoWBot – Admin (store manager)

      Hello !

      Thanks for your comment. I’ve removed a part of it because i’ve already posted a response to this statement in another comment 🙂

  70. Marcel S. (verified owner)

    Great Bot and easy to use. Just 1 Click to Auto Setup, then hit GO and sit back, watching the magic…
    Always again =)

  71. Anonymous (verified owner)


  72. Juan Pablo (verified owner)

    Nice bot !

  73. Nevah Gunnageddit

    The bot works, but beware these guys do sell your info. Expect a deluge of unwanted emails to whatever account you give them.

    • PixelWoWBot – Admin (store manager)

      Hi !

      Thanks for the feedback about the bot ! 🙂

      But i’m sorry to say that what you wrote about us selling customer data, is 100% false. We do not sell any info to any third party service…

      When you shop with us, you don’t even have to write a valid e-mail adress, we don’t verify it, so basically you can write anything. In fact a lot of our customers write fake names and e-mail-adress, and we’re ok with it, because we honestly don’t care about the “quality” of the data you enter on our website, because we don’t do anything with it 🙂

      So if you experienced spams on your e-mail, i’m sorry but that’s not us :-p

  74. robjwilks (verified owner)

    Easy setup no issues spot on!

  75. miguel break

    A nice support, easy to config and is so fast!

  76. Aleksandar Stojiljkovic (verified owner)

    In 48h since I’ve bought FishBot developer has updated FishBot several times, adding new features, improving the old ones, and fixing some small bugs, some of which I’ve suggested and reported. At the moment of writing this review, the app was very easy to setup (1minute after watching two short youtube tutorials) and most importantly after the short initial setup the app starts fishing in 5s every next time , in which time window you get ready for the fishing session. FishBot rarely clicks on the fishing bobber too early (maybe once in 30, and in some fishing landscapes it doesn’t make a single mistake, it just works perfectly). Also at the time of writing this review you can download a 1-day-trial and see for yourself that it works beautifully. I’ve tested the bot on TBC Classic. Definitely 5 stars, and I suggest to everyone to try it and buy it

  77. Ava Hermann

    Had a little trouble setting it up but support helped me and it works marvelously 🙂 Thx !

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